For Connoisseurs and Joe Sixpack, Canned Wines Beckon

For Connoisseurs and Joe Sixpack, Canned Wines Beckon

Mr. Stover justified it within the context of Napa Valley. “For single-vineyard, natural Napa cab, you’re $100 on the shelf,” he stated. “We’re providing an awesome worth, contemplating.”

For a lot of canned-wine producers, the standard of the wine is secondary to the presentation, which is pitched as an antidote to wine snobbery. Union Wine Company in Oregon, which sells Underwood rosé in 375-milliliter cans for $28 a four-pack, doesn’t inform prospects what sorts of grapes go into the wine, the place particularly they have been grown or what 12 months they have been harvested.

As an alternative, its web site presents this: “It’s laborious to maintain your pinky up while you’re ingesting wine from a 375-ml. can,” closing with its hashtag, #pinkiesdown. The pale-pink rosé is inoffensive at finest.

Equally, Bridge Lane — a set of wines offered in bottles and cans by Lieb Cellars, a superb producer on the North Fork of Lengthy Island — says on its website: “The wines aren’t meant to be studied and drunk in fancy glasses. They’re meant for informal sipping and sharing with buddies. BYE, wine snobs.”

Don’t take it personally, wine lovers. The wine-snob card is a crude straw man, after all, however we all know what they imply: The rigmarole round wine is intimidating. You don’t must do something however drink and revel in.

All wine must be like that, anyway. And the Bridge Lane canned sauvignon blanc, a nonvintage wine from New York grapes, is tangy, textured and satisfying. I might drink it even when I have been banished as a snob.

For individuals who already love wine, even probably the most narrow-minded ought to embrace the can, simply as they need to boxed wines, as a rational container for easy-drinking wines supposed to be consumed with out ageing.

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